Our task as Iori Produce

暮らすように旅する日本を目指して ―滞在体験型の観光まちづくり

   In recent times, unlike in the past where travelers traveled in large groups, tourists now prefer to travel in small groups and enjoy getting to know the area more deeply.


   In your own carefree space.

Walking along a town road that has kept its charm.

Shop along with locals.

Enjoy the fresh foods of the seasons .

Experience traditional arts of japan.

Be moved and surprised at the ”ordinary” of the area

a trip that you can “travel the living in japan”


   We the Iori Produce, from our experience built on “Iori Machiya Stay” in Kyoto value getting to know and enjoy the area’s culture, and the living. We would like to use these values to create “stay style travel spots” where you can enjoy and get deeply in touch with the culture and living.



   The Iori Produce aims to help cities and towns provide travelers with services and products made by resources that are deeply embed with the culture and charm of the area.


   We aim to use tourism as a method to energize the area by gather people and make good of each of their specialties together to conserve resources, preserve culture, and create jobs.

Our Role

   The ones that make it happen is the people in the area.

   No matter what ideals we put forth, if it does not match the people’s ideals and the situation of the area, and if they do not gather and willfully work together, those ideals are just a dream.

  Our role as the Iori Produce is to know the area’s situation, area’s that need help, and the area’s goals and help guide the project to the right direction. To provide information and think along with the people on how to step forward. 


 We support each area’s activities by giving advice, giving proposals, and researching using the experience, knowledge, sense, and connections we have built over the years.


 Within this, with buildings such as traditional Japanese houses, as the general manager, we will be responsible for the planning, design, construction, and the interior design. We will work with the area’s architect, civil engineering firms, operating entities, the administration etc… to move the project forward.