Connect with the “living” of Japan

   In Japan, in each area, there are characteristics that unique there are many sceneries and many different cultures and traditions. With the years it creates a “living”, unique to the area. People gather around this “living” and pass it on to the next generation.


   We feel that, the “living” that the people, the culture, and the unique area intertwine to make is beautiful and precious thing ought to be protected.


   However the “beautiful and unique Japanese living” is now, being lost in many areas. Along with time, many changes has caused industries which once supported many people are in a decline, causing a decline in employment. The young, now move to larger cities to find work, causing many houses to be deserted.


   We the Iori Produce, use our experience built on “Iori Machiya Stay” to propose a counter measure for these problems using methods centered around renovating traditional Japanese houses and many other such resources, to create stay-style tourist spots, and tourist spots where you can “experience the living in japan”.


   We renovate deserted traditional Japanese houses, keeping the traditional beauty of the building, but renovating it to best answer to the needs that people have now. We give the building a new purpose, and a “living” that goes along with it. We hope that travelers can connect with the “beautiful and beautiful living in japan”. With the increase in the tourism industry we hope to help create more jobs, and allow the living that the people love to continue to connect with the tourists of generations ahead.


   The Iori Produce aim to work with people in parts of japan that share our wishes to create towns that travelers can “travel the living in japan”.